Memorial Weekend

I spent my Sunday afternoon making Soap just so I could see how it looked in the packaging. :p I made 3 bars today, MangoPapaya, French Vanilla, and Lavender. And with the extra soap I ended up with one layered bar, that I will add to my private stash in the bathroom 🙂

I’m getting a piece of original artwork from EBZ. She’s one very talented chica. I’m happy to know her.

I need to get back in the kitchen and melt some wax and what not.

Just dropped in to say Hola. Enjoy the rest of your Holiday Weekend!

5 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend”

  1. Aww the packaging is so pretty. Still havnet came up with a name yet?

    One day your gonna have to explain to me this whole Lye thing… like how it burns your skin but dosent burn when its mixed with the soap? That scares me… is it like powdered acid? Im so clueless. 😦

  2. Very pretty packaging! I’d buy.

    You see how shallow I am? I don’t even know what the soap smells like. I just know it looks pretty! LOL. Shame.

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