Salon Pajnstl

lol @ the fact that this is my 3rd blog in a 24hr period!

Anywhooo… I played hairstylist tonite 🙂 I like doing hair. I just don’t want to to it fulltime or even part-time. BUT in the event that I lose my gotdamn job, please know that I will be studying for the cosmetology test and passing out flyers! lol

This is my sister in law. I cropped her face out to protect her innocence OR guilt! lol. Her hair is thin and fine.

I think it came out good. Well good enough to get paid $35-40. She got the family rate. Actually she didn’t pay me a damn penny… but it’s all good. She’s family right?! Riiiiight!

Good nite folks

7 thoughts on “Salon Pajnstl”

  1. The family rate. That did turn out quite nicely. I need a friend like you to chi my hair and charge me the family and friend rate. lol

  2. The family rate is the best rate out there! Not matter what the service LOL

    Keli…I actually wouldn’t mind chiing you. I’m curious to see you without all the shrinkage!

    Virtuous..I’m mad you thought i’d charged her.. even if it was a split second thought :-p I will take donations and food. Yes she can pay me in pizza and chicken!

    Ms Erica… I try, I try! and Yes Amber and Mikaela are family too! lol

  3. I’m starting to think you’re Jamaican! You got 14 job, mon! Candle maker, crocheter, blogger, party planner, cookie taster, art buyer, hairstylist.LMAO. Nice job.

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