Yes this is a child’s hat… modified for an adult that LOVES wearing cutesy hats! LOL

I used THIS pattern.

modifications: instead of casting on 32, I cast on 70. and changed the colors when I felt like it!

Time: about 4hrs or 2 movies!

Sharing b/c it would be a GREAT hat for a little kiddo or if you know other adults who like pom-poms on their head!


12 thoughts on “Tutti-Fruitti”

  1. Blogger sucks! I was trying to leave a comment early today and it kept giving me an error message!>;

    Anyway! Well done grasshopper! We got details/specs and all!! :o)

    And NO I hate making pom poms let alone where them on my head! LOL They are cute things though!

  2. Thx ladies!

    Urbanknitrix, I bet your niece will love it! I’m going to make one for my niece and nephew… well ian’s neice and nephew. Mine are in Tx.. No need! LOL

    @ Stacey… *takes bow like the Karate Kid* LOL Whatcha got against pom~poms ms. Missy :-p

    @Keli… to work/school/dinner… lol everywhere 🙂 I gotta have something bright for thr grey days ahead 🙂

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