Dare I Say…

I’m becoming a domesticated diva! Lol

Monday the last of our major appliances were delivered (read:washer/dryer)! I’s so happy. LOL truth be told I have a phobia about the laundramat. So for the past 9 months or so Ian has been
commander~in~chief of the laundry. Ugh. I know I know some may say, That’s great! But not for me. Honestly I abhor his method of washing clothes. LOL. Yes! I’m a bit crazy. Anywhoo! I’ve been a washing FOOL!

Now comes the fun part of home ownership… Furniture SHOPPING!!! WhooHoo! LOL

Yesterday, we went to look at furniture. Armed with my trusy mapquest directions (yep, still mapquesting stuff in da Lou) we ended up at the Jennifer furniture store. I saw the sofa I want, I actually laid on it for abt 30 minutes, and talked to Ian and the Salesperson. They don’t have it in the color I want though 😦 So we left empty handed. I’ll probably end up going back b/c that’s how much I like the sofa.

Anyway as we’re leaving, I notice this sign that says Jackman’s Fabrics. Ummmm, Adrienne this is what I call Manna from heaven :p LOL We walk in and the angels start singing “ahhhh”Bolts and Bolts of fabric EVERYWHERE!! And guess what?! Different from what’s in JoAnn’s and Hancocks!! 😀 I’m happy! I chatted with one of the employees, added myself to the mailing list,
and the calendar of up and coming events. They have a lot of sewing and home decor classes. I need to look again, b/c the home dec classes are right up my alley!

After that we had to rush home b/c my beans should have been done! LOL I LOVE my crock pot!!! You can COOK while SHOPPING! We got home.. I made rice and cornbread. And we sat down to eat dinner (red beans & rice), and watch De Ja Vu.

Lets see….

That’s all folks… no no wait…

We re~enacted a commercial, LMAO remember the Anti~drugs commercials from when we were in grade school.. “This is you brain (holding a egg) this is your brain on drugs (cracks egg into hot skillet) Any Questions”.

No pictures… 😦 I was out and about all day…. and the camera was athome.

How was your weekend?!

9 thoughts on “Dare I Say…”

  1. YAH!!! @ W&D Lawd knows I should use mine more often but SO gratful for it!

    Jackpot!! @ Jack’s Fabrics
    You about to get into some trobule now!! :op

    Okay I need to understand how your re-enacted that commerical! LOL!!!

  2. Congrats on the new applicances… nothing like washing @ home. As for my Saturday, I spent the whole darn day sewing/knitting and didn’t do any domesticated stuff… family asked me what about dinner – I said cereal sounds good…haha!

  3. @ Erica, can’t wait to see your next Fashion Do!

    @ Stacey, gurl…. I so have a typo! It should be Jackman’s Fabrics! Ha!

    @ Sheila… lmao! Ain’t nothing wrong with cereal :p

  4. now i have lived here all my life and have never heard of Jack’s Fabrics… guess i’ll have to google it!

    yeah i can’t wait to have my own home then i can paint and decorate and buy furniture!!! but i’m tired of waiting so i’m at least doing the kids rooms.

  5. I do at least one load of laundry a night…I would be lost without my washer and dryer.

    We re~enacted a commercial, LMAO remember the Anti~drugs commercials from when we were in grade school.. “This is your brain (holding a egg) this is your brain on drugs (cracks egg into hot skillet) Any Questions”.
    -LOL, you and Ian are two peas in a pod. Or like peas and carrots…I know, yes, I am referencing Forrest Gump.

    Red beans and rice sounds g-o-o-d…but I have eaten enough black beans and Spanish rice this past week to last me a minute. Maybe next weekend.

  6. Ooo, I want new appliances, but I’ll be thankful that all of ours came with our rental house. so, no complaints. My weekend was good except my team lost (OU). Other than that, you know. :0)

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