13 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!!”

  1. HEEEEY BECCCCKYYYYYY!!!Ian is crazy!!
    its cute.i wish i could flat iron my hair that straight. i don’t have the patience for it.

  2. UGH! This DAMN blogger erased my comment!

    Your hair looks great. Glad it worked out better than last time.

    I LOVE the orange. That’s my favorite color. I wish I had your skills cause I’d be saying so much money on clothes. I’m SO jealous!!!

  3. Becky! Hehehee. You know Ian wrong for that. Your hair is so cute though. I was blog hoppin and wanted to come by and say hello. Hope all is well with ya!

  4. Hey Hey Hey [Becky] 😉
    Just droppin’ by to say I’m loving the new do and that burnt orange fabric.

    Can’t wait to see what becomes of it.

  5. man … forreal… where you get all this free time from to be making more cloths. Yeah Im jealous! I think I have more homework than you or something. … lets switch k… thanks.

    Hair is purty! …. Becky. Lmaooooooo

  6. Yeah, THIS hairstyle came out WAAAAYYYY better than that last attempt (not that it was hard to do, lol). It looks super fly!

    Oh, and your Ian is a fool 😀

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