You’re Full of Shit…

According to Stanley Bing and his book 100 bullshit jobs…And how to get them,

Bloggers are #13 on the list of people with bullshit jobs.

But don’t worry, here are some others who made the list…

Donald Trump
Marriage Counselors
Food Critic (They eat at ALL the hottest restaurants for FREE)
Meteorologist (Low 6 figures… and we ALL know how accurate they are)
Personal Trainer
Celebutante (They make millions in endorsements)
Handwriting Analyst
Pet Physic ($40-100/hour)
Computer Game Tester ($40k/yr PLUS all the free games and software)
Celebrity Stylist (Rachel Zoe make 6K/DAY)
Online minister ( I didn’t realize how big of a business that was)

Anyway… Now you know and knowing is half the battle!

I guess I should stop bullshitting around and go see my client. 🙂

Happy Tuesday! lol

12 thoughts on “You’re Full of Shit…”

  1. having bullshit jobs and being overpaid are too different things…

    I dont think all of these are bullshit jobs but some are ridiculous the amounts they get paid

  2. According to my calculations, his book is the only bullshit I see!!

    [Rushing off to check the help wanted ads…]


  3. and Bing is most definitely full of it…

    I thought you were going to post gov’t jobs are bullshit jobs…don’t know why, just had the feeling.

  4. It seems that compiling a list of bullshit jobs is the number one bullshit job to me!! LOL. He probaby has a blog that no one visits.

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