Saint Louis, Where Ya At?!

I will be participating in my very 1st Craft Fair this weekend. I would love if you would come out and support, not only Boutique Patrice, but all the crafters that will be in attendance!

Boutique Patrice will be located in booth 34 in the gymnasium near the stage!

The fair will be open to the public, Saturday March 1st 9am to 4pm and Sunday March 2nd 10am to 4pm.

Oakville Senior High School
5557 Milburn Road, Saint Louis, MO 63129

I look forward to seeing you there!!

7 thoughts on “Saint Louis, Where Ya At?!”

  1. Well you been working hard enough you got bath sugars and salts and all this stuff. Hmph If I was there Id be there talking people in to buying all yo stuff. Like umm hmmm I tried it.. and it didnt make me itch so I say its GOOOD!

    PS. My cookies gone taste better!

    Good luck … but you dont need it cause your gonna sell out. Then you can let me borrow a dolla. lol

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