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It’s Monday!

Hiya People’s!!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty fine, went to a party (i’ll be back later w/ pics & stuff) and did some fabric shopping, washing, ironing, and cutting (pics later).

We are going home (New Orleans) the 2nd weekend in April for the French Quarter Festival, whoo hooo! Wanna come?! lol I’ve never seen Ian so excited abiut going home. All he keeps talking bout is going on the lake with crawfish, lol.

I need to get out this bed and get dressed for work, but let me leave you with this link.

check it out, tell me what you think…. It’s still a work in progress but it’s functional for all intents and purposes.
Ok that’s all for now, TTYL and hope your week get’s off to a great start!!!

10 thoughts on “It’s Monday!”

  1. Girl… i checked it out…and you cant be doing this mess to me… I go broke in Carol’s daughter because I am such a candle freak… i have to leave now!

  2. I went down to New Orleans once [before Katrina] and I had me a blast!!!!

    I think that was the first time I noticed I was getting old [I mean I couldn’t hang no moe’]…

    Folk was just’a partying all day and all nite long!!!

    Hope you and the hubby enjoy yourselves. Good job on that website!!

    Q: Do you take money orders??

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