Let the gift giving begin

Well today is Day 1 of Ian’s birthday celebration, well we started last night, but who’s counting 🙂
His birthday is Friday, he’ll be a GRAND OLD 28 years. lol Yall know for BLACK MEN that grew up in the hood 28 is a LIFETIME!

Antywhoo… gotta get back to reading these 300 some odd blog post, YES! I’m THAT far behind. I just realized I missed Ebonie’s birthday… geesus! Charge it to my head and not my heart. 🙂

Happy April… hopefully Spring will be here SOON!

~ I have to tell yall about the shower, show pics from Peach’s party, the rest of my clothes i’ve been working on for my trip, an old video from Ian’s 26th b-day, and pics from his gifts this year… So I’ll be back…

Till then Be Good 🙂

11 thoughts on “Let the gift giving begin”

  1. Hey Gurl!! You ain’t never lied! A black man making it past 12 is a plus. So 28, is almost time for social security.

  2. Happy Birthday to Ian!!! Aries Rule all over Blogsville… Hi Hi!

    Have fun in your weekly celebration.


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