Can you say ouch?!

I fell coming UP the stairs at work this morning.

Broke my toenail….really far down

Will not be able to get a pedicure until the nail grows back…


It’s my friday!!!

I leave for Chicago in the morning!!!


I’m on day 3 of my birthday countdown!!

HAPPY 4th of JULY 🙂

10 thoughts on “Can you say ouch?!”

  1. I always stump my toes and break a nail…you will be ah’ight, lol.

    So have we been presented with anymore surprises? Yes, I’m being nosey! lol

  2. Is it said easier to fall up stairs or down them?


    idk… have a good weekend though missy!

    have you thought about suing? LOL

  3. Hope your toe is better soon and don’t get fungi! ;op Gurl I am glad you blogged about it b/c I could not get it to pull up on my cell! Haha!

    Ooh you get to meet Cas I am so jealous!! :o)

    And the TOC is the TRUE “Taste” all other cities are just copy cats.

    Be sure to get some GARRETT’s popcorn too!!

  4. “Falling up the stairs”?!?!?!
    Hmmm…If I remember correctly, that was high up on my list of NOT A GOOD LOOKS :-).

    Travel safe, be careful on that toe and ummm have a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!!

  5. girl, enjoy chicago. I “heard” from Cas, that you are going to the Taste! I am os jealous. Think of me when you are eating all that good stuff! Give Chicago a hug for me!

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