bytch who?!

I’m the walkin worker for the day around 8:50 this morning they paged for one of my coworkers who does not come in until 9. So I called downstairs to see who was in for her and what they needed.

Me: morning lady! Who do you have for L?

Receptionist: bytch you! And starts laughing

Me: bitch who?! Girl whatever, who do you have do there.

R: BYTCH YOU. That’s the clients name! *more laughing*

Me: R it is tooo early for you to be playing like this! *lol* what’s the clients name? *lol*

R: I’m not playing. Bytch YOU! *dying laughing*

Me: *laughing* Spell it!

R: B. I. C. H. Y. U. *rolling laughing*

Me: awww bitch I know you lying! Bich Yu!?! What’s the dcn?! Lol

R: through laughter she tells me

*pulling up dcn*

Me: that’s so messed up woman name is Bich Yu

Me and R: laugh our ass off.


Happy friday folks! Lol

Bitch what, bitch who, bich yooooo (c) mytikal *with a spin on the end*

11 thoughts on “bytch who?!”

  1. Man, I wouldn’t even have been able to help that chick without laughing in her face. LOL!!

    Too funny. It was TOO early in the morning for that mess!!

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