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Pic heavy


Starting with the bad….


B5327  cute on the dress form. HORRID on me. I will try the other view (in black minus the beads). If that doesn’t work for me… the pattern goes in the trash. 

(adrienne do you still have your beads? lol)





AWFUL picture… but was taken at work at the end of the day. Love this dress. I *think* it’s V8379 (stacey, this is the fabric I bought when we visited N.C.) I posted this pic on the dress form when I made it a few weeks ago. Just now wearing it.


B5216. LOVE this pattern and LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric.  It’s from hancocks world market line. 100% cotton. It hasn’t been warm enough for me to wear it yet though 😦



 S4135 View C

In seersucker. Love them. VERY comfortable.



 Excuse the ashy legs. I hopped out the shower and into my sewing chair. 😦





S4135 View B

Love the length on these. again excuse the ash… and the muffin top in the next pic lol












 m5633 view c. unrolled.

Brown is hard to photograph (for me)  and my camera is broken 😦  These pants are soooooooo freaking comfortable. LOVE THEM. Will definitely make them again…and again.

23 thoughts on “Pic heavy”

  1. love, love love B5216. Man, the detail on those shorts, incredible. You should have a side hustle and do weddings and stuff.

    I love the cargo pants, but I don’t think I look as cute in them as I think I do, lol. So, I stopped buying them.

  2. Very Nice, my favorites are the dress and the Cargo Pants. On another note, so you guys actually mess up…I guess the difference is you keep sewing and don’t give up.

  3. You HAVE been very productive! And all of that sewing along with school…AMAZING! Love the dress and the top and I’m glad the pants in all lengths are soooo comfortable!

  4. I’m totally loving the dress…so my style! I love that last top you posted…very pretty. I actually love everything, you are very talented.

  5. I’m surprised the first pic is a “no-no”…
    Granted the color is not the greatest choice [well…at least in my opinion] but otherwise, I like it.

    You are working that dress though missy.

    I haven’t been around much but I see you’ve been quite the busy bee. 🙂

  6. Dang your machine has been burning up!! 🙂
    Luv ALL the items even the 1st shirt that you swear doesn’t look right, and I thought that fabric looked familiar! Haha!

    Cute butterfly lining 😉 And did I mentined I love the 3rd shirt and searsuckers capris? Great items gurl!!!

  7. Dang those are ALL so cute. I love the brown pants, the bermuda shorts and the lining is just too cute. AGAIN for the umpteeth time, when is patrice boutique opening?

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