Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is my 29th Birthday!

Today is the 1st day of a new year for me.

New expectations

New goals

New endeavors

New hopes

New dreams

New opportunities

To be me.. the best me that I can be.

I am truly blessed and highly favored.

No way do I have everything I want. However, all my needs are met.

No way have I arrived. However, I’m enjoying every step of my journey.

God has kept me. From conception. So many times, my light could have been snuffed out. To not acknowledge God’s hand on my life, would be blasphemous.

As I start this next leg of my life, I look forward to experiencing life to the fullest.

I only have one life to live. And imma live it balls to the wall.

No regrets

I’m going to embrace the changes. Keep trusting and believing in Gods plan for my life.

And there it is!

Happy 29th Birthday to ME!!!!!!

30 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!!!”

  1. **SINGS** Happy Birthday to ya…Happy Birthday to ya….HAPPY BIRTHHHHHHHHHDDAAAAAAAAYYYYYY (c) Stevie Wonder lol

    I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day my friend! Love ya much!!!

  2. Patrice:

    I hope that you have a special gift by your 30th. 😉 You were in a stressful working environment. Nothing was going to “grow” while you were there. This is YOUR year!


  3. Rock out wit yo Cock out!!!
    Hang out wit yo wang out!
    Happy Birthday Beautiful!
    My Queen! My Love! My Rib!
    I Love You!

  4. Happy Birthday, Grrl. I’m gonna use that b-day post for my own come December. That is EXACTLY how I feel, dude. My love to you & yours & wishes for this to be your best year, ever!

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