like I need a new hobby lol

2009-08-23 18.47.49

2009-08-23 18.48.06

One day on twitter, I mentioned I wanted to learn stenciling/screen printing.  Mrs. Haydee responded to my tweets with twitpics and links to tutorials, and nowwwwwwww I believe I have a new hobby. lol Good thing about this one is, Ian likes it too!! booyah!! lol

2009-08-23 18.48.16

We found our stencils at Archivers, the fabric paint came from Micheal’s. We bought our shirts from Wallyworld. Ian got a pack o2009-08-23 18.48.24f t-shirts  and I grabbed a $4 racer back tank.  And to keep the paint from bleeding through I used some school books I couldn’t sell back last semester.

2009-08-23 18.57.29

Stenciling was fun and VERY easy. And can you say Instant Gratification!! lol

2009-08-23 19.05.56

14 thoughts on “like I need a new hobby lol”

  1. ha! Make those hobbies work for you!


    once you get on the screen printing, I might need your services for some boissuq tee’s!

  2. Loving the stencils. Tell you what, you add a couple of racerback tees to the shop with that fleur de lis and I bet they sell. I am putting in my order now, I would like a black one with a white fleur and a white tee with a pink fleur. I wear a 2x. I’m sayin’!

  3. They turned out great! You can do them on a hoodie too, and it makes a nice effect if you scrunch up some plastic and dab it on the paint – kind of makes it look old, you know what I mean? @mrshaydee

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