strawberry banana cupcakes

Saying no to…

being controlled by my emotions


worrying about things that I have given over to God to handle

Saying yes to…

love, in all its forms. loving those who love me as much as I love myself


strawberry banana cupcakes

embracing my creative side to it’s fullest

Giddy about…

new opportunities

entering a new career

being THISCLOSE to a 4.0

Scared of…



Inspired by…

the strength I see in my friends when they go through

the kindness of strangers

perserverance of those who climb through windows when the door is closed in their faces.

obsessed with…

the L word

Renaissance period films

CUTE knee socks

being the best me that I can be

In love with…


and her lol

saved by…


this post was jacked from Mocha Momma

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