Home sweet Home





You were discharged from the hospital Wednesday May 18,2011. That’s 2 weeks and 1 days worth of hospital/nicu stay. A long time having medical staff on hand to answer my every little question. We offered to bring a nurse home with us but we didn’t have any takers.

Your dad and I have made it through the first 36 or so hours pretty well. We’ve been checking your temperature, heart rate, and dispensing your meds on time. You are still doing well on the 10/2/6 feeding schedule which works well for us too. You are taking more food now…Greedy!

And the biggest discovery is… dear son, you are sooooo LOUD. Lol you make noise in your sleep, you burp and fart like a big burly man! But you rarely cry, usually the only time you cry is when we take too long with the bottle…and you didn’t appreciate that bath we gave you. At all. Lol

Today, I was trying to nurse you. You didn’t latch on too well so when you started to suck you were only on my nipple. OMG! The pain. I screamed! I must have scared the crap out of you because you screamed too! Lol your dad came running like WTH is going on?? Safe to say he had to take over feeding until I got myself together lol.

Tomorrow you have your first pediatrician appointment! Praying all goes well.

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