Who Am I?

I am…

A daughter. Being a daughter gave me strength. Childhood was not easy, but I survived

A Wife. Being a wife gives me endurance. I’m almost 20 yrs into this thing and if I’ve learned nothing matters more than being loved by someone who accepts you for who you are, who you aren’t yet and the you that you will become.

A Mother. Being a mother has taught me patience like you would not believe. My boys are miracles. I don’t take their presence lightly. I push harder and make smarter choices for them.

A Sister. Being a sister taught me that you can’t be everything for everybody. You can only do so much and at the end of the day they have to want it for themselves as much as you do.

A Friend. Being a friend gives me faith. Faith in people. Not everyone has an angle nor are they looking to use you up. There are still some people who just want to be there with you. Through the joy, the pain, the disappointments and achievements, laughter and tears.

I am…
An overachiever. I expect greatness from myself. And I hate to be disappointed.

I am…
Grateful. For each and every experience negative and positive that has happened.
Thankful. For God’s grace and mercy.

I am…
Romantic. Happily ever after doesn’t have be JUST at the ending of fairy tales

I am…
Spoiled. Rotten to the core. It’s Ian’s fault.
I am…
Honest. To a fault. It’s easier to just tell the damn truth.

I am…
Easily amused. I can, will, and have laughed at any and everything. It doesn’t take much.

A cry baby. I will tear up in a hot second. But don’t confuse my tears as a sign of weakness.

I am…
Loved. by me! I love myself so much. No one will ever make me question my self worth.
Self confident. Doesn’t mean I don’t have moments when I’m unsure. But when those moments come I’m not shaken to my core.

I am…
A survivor. Not just of physical threats (molestation, stabbings, Katrina). But I’ve survived the emotional attacks as well. Yes, it happened, but I won’t be depressed. Yes, I’ve failed but I aced it the next time. Yes, it hurt like hell, but I’m stronger for it. Yes, I was defenseless at the time but now I know how to protect myself. Yes, they should have done more but they did the best they could and it didn’t kill me.

I am…
A forgiver. Because I’ve been forgiven time and time again. No one is perfect.

I am…
Creative and talented. I have been blessed with many artistic abilities. My preference is to use them for my pleasure.

I am…
Not my hair. I will cut and/or relax it at the drop of a dime.

I am…
Constantly growing and changing. Every change may not be pleasant. And some growth spurts are awkward. But I’ve learned to embrace the change. Live in the moment, carpe diem!

I am…
Content. With what I have right now. Where I am right now. Who I am right now

I am…
Patrice Johnson

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2 thoughts on “Who Am I?”

  1. and ure an amazing writer… this is beautiful.. God has indeed blessed you with an amazing amount of talent!

    Im so thankful that you are willing to share it 🙂 and I am able to witness it 🙂


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