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Birthday Girl

Happy new year to me! Today I am 38 years older, wiser, with a whole new patch of grey hair. I'm still not sure why they are coming in so fast. I was able to spend the night before my birthday sewing. This was a treat. I went pattern shopping, picked up 2 pieces of… Continue reading Birthday Girl

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Dating the hubs: Zipline Style

For Ian's birthday I purchased tickets to go ziplining at Go Ape from groupon. Due to our crazy summer schedules we had postpone our date until this past weekend. When we arrived we signed our waiver and got harnessed up by the instructors then began the safety instructions. After we were all trained we walked… Continue reading Dating the hubs: Zipline Style


Dope Dad

This past Sunday we celebrated the dopeness that is my husband. Ian has consistently proven his dedication to our family over the 20 years that we have been together. I have learned that I can depend on him to be there during the best of times as well as the worst. My boys look up… Continue reading Dope Dad

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What I made for the Anita Baker Farewell Concert!

I went to see Anita Baker with one of my oldest good-est best friends! Which of course means I had to make something cute to wear. So I made the ever popular Mccall's 7757 view A and E. Then because the pants are so comfortable I made view e again in a different print and… Continue reading What I made for the Anita Baker Farewell Concert!


How I flew to the DMV for $11.20

A few years ago I got hip to the credit card miles and points game and now can use my points for at least 2 round- trip flights per year. For a family of 4 this is a big deal! Typically, we use our miles for our bigger vacations (spring and Christmas) to cover the… Continue reading How I flew to the DMV for $11.20