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Here’s an oldie but goodie. A post I made back in 2008 while traveling for my grandfather’s funeral services.

Patrice J.

CapCity asked..

how’d u get into being so crafty?
My maternal grandmother is crafty. She used to make all the girls cabbage patch dolls, make jewelry, sew, paint… you name it she did it, all the while I was right under her heel. I guess it came through osmosis. lol 
Cas asked… 
Why am I so crazy?
because God knew your life would be dull and boring without me in it :p  LOL
Ms Behaving asked… 
How did you meet Ian and what made you know he was “the one”??
~ I still don’t know if he’s “the one” I’m just playing it by ear…JUST KIDDING dang. lol  Anywoo.. We met at work (winndixie) and initially we didn’t like each other b/c he would never bag for me only for those creole looking heffas. So i started calling him color struck…

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